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Crystals emit vibrational frequencies, which transform energy from disorganised to harmonic. A natural crystal is firmly fastened inside each of our glass bottles, which restructures the water, increasing its bio-availability & anti-oxidant potential.

Such crystal elixirs have been used for millennia and are referenced in humankind’s earliest writings, noted for their use in promoting clarity, vitality & longevity.

Our crystal infusion bottle allows the unique energetic vibration of your chosen crystal to revitalise your water, helping you achieve inner harmony & deeper hydration – one sip at a time.

Providing a fusion of science & spirit, heart & mind, body & soul into your daily routine – with the raw energy of Mother Nature.

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“A theory that would adequately explain structured water would also explain the connection between mind & matter”

Dr. Marcel VogelIBM Scientist

“It is my belief that it is chronic water shortage in the body that causes most diseases of the human body”

Dr. Fereydoon BatmanghelidjDoctor


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